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Steinschaler Shop

For you from our gardens and the region

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Steinschaler Shop

Regional Products

As a company focused on sustainability, Steinschaler Nature Hotels offer their guests high quality regional products. In the Steinschaler Shop you will easily find souvenirs for those at home. The Steinschaler shop is located near the reception area in both Steinschaler Nature Hotels.

Ask for fresh products like sheep cheese, deer sausage or fresh blood sausage. These we have in cold storage.

Cornelian cherry products

  • Cornelian cherry chutney
  • Cornelian cherry crème honey
  • Cornelian cherry liqueur
  • Cornelian cherry jam
  • Cornelian cherry “olives”
  • Cornelian cherry paté
  • Cornelian cherries in rum
  • Cornelian cherry syrup
  • Cornelian cherry schnapps (brandy)
  • Cornelian cherry chocolate

  • Steinschaler gift set
  • Cornelian cherry gift basket
  • Cornelian cherry stones pillow
  • Cornelian cherry jewelry

From the Steinschaler Kitchen

  • Steinschaler jams (of our own production)
  • Steinschaler syrups: Elderberry, Lemon balm, Peppermint, Apple mint
  • Dandelion honey
  • Spruce tops honey
  • Rose gel

From the Steinschaler Gardens

  • Organic seeds (of our own production)
  • Cornelian cherry shrubs in pots

From farmers in our region

  • Dried fruits from the Dirndl Valley
  • Brandies and liqueurs
  • Fresh sheep cheese (available seasonally)


  • Steinschaler organic cereal bars
  • Farmhouse bacon from the Pielach Valley
  • Pure variety perries from top-quality must producers
  • Balsamic vinegar made from pears
  • Prima Pira – a first class pear brandy

Almost all the above listed articles are seasonal and therefore not always available. We are glad to inform you if out of stock articles are available once again. Feel free to inform us about your wishes!

Image: Gift package

Cornelian cherry gift package

This package contains a few introductory cornelian cherry products and a voucher for a "Wild herbs salad with cornelian cherries" to be consumed in the Steinschaler Nature Hotels.

Cornelian cherry chocolate and chutney are first culinary greetings. The hand embroidered Cornelian cherry stone pillow is good for laying on – warm it up beforehand, and as the stones store the heat well, the pillow brings relaxation in cases of pain and inflammation of the body parts. The voucher for a Wild herbs salad with cornelian cherries is meant as an invitation to explore the Pielach Valley, qualified “Austrian Region of Delight” and Nature Hotel Steinschalerhof in Rabenstein.

Our Steinschaler gift package has been the winner in category wellness in 2009 at the competition of Austrian Regions of Delight.

Steinschalerhof Holidays Steinschalerhof Seminars Steinschaler Doerfl Incentives
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