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Steinschaler Nature Hotels

What is a Nature Hotel?

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Image: Blooming Cornelian Cherries

Nature Hotel Steinschalerhof and Nature Hotel Steinschaler Doerfl

Modern and cozy hotels - in midst of nature!

The Nature Hotel concept has been shaping both our operations and the area around Steinschalerhof and around Steinschaler Doerfl for many years. Our first steps into the direction Permaculture and our being gently embedded into the given landscape of the Dirndl Valley has, besides our commitment to "sustainable and regional tourism", also a lot to do with our self-understanding.

Nature Hotels Steinschalerhof and Steinschaler Doerfl for sure do not belong to the boring series of modern hotels in our category. You will feel and see this for yourself quite qickly:
First, there is our unusual, somewhat wild organic Nature Garden. There are parking places, which are not asphalted at all, but are in fact surrounded by flowers and shrubs. It is easy to see that many of our buildings and thir furnishings have an old heart. And on the menu you will find a lot of treats like fresh herbs, vegetables, flowers and lettuce from our very own gardens and many other products from the region around us.

Image: Dry stone wall

Are we a Nature Hotel?

Being a Nature Hotel is a very important part of our philosophy of sustainability, a concept and a way of thinking we are committed to. The concept Natur Hotel is not standardized and not subjected to certification checks yet. Therefore it seems all the more essential for us to transmit knowledge about this company philosophy and thinking. We as Steinschalers see ourselves explicitly as a Nature Hotel, and believe that this title is fully justified thanks to our company efforts, including our Nature Gardens and the reliance on our own produce, our location, aims and goals.

In our hotel facilities many living spaces for nature have been created and preserved, and we certainly aim to continue along this path of thinking and acting.

Image: Production garden

Steinschaler Gardens

Integrating the surrounding nature into our daily lives is in both of our hotel complexes an important concern for us.

But what we call nature is not those well cultivated English lawns or beds of many a show garden, maintained with a lot of effort. Nature with us is a living, vital nature, also allowed to present itself sometimes as "chaotic or unkempt" to our guests.

It does not matter whether you visit us as a holiday or as a seminar guest, we are glad to offer you as much nature as possible, not forgetting at the same time to provide every modern comfort for you.

Image: Wild herbs salad

Wild plants in the kitchen

Many wild and village plants are used in the kitchens of our houses as wild plants or wild herbs, respectively as teas or decoration.

Thus you can discover and try out many plants at the buffet of Steinschalerhof.

Should you be interested in wild plantsī many interesting uses in the kitchen in more depth, we are happy to see you as a participant in any of our courses in the subjct.

Observe these plants at their natural habitats, and enjoy their beauty, their scents and the pleasurable atmosphere disseminated by our "nature at our doorsteps"!

Image: House garden

Sustainability in the Steinschaler Nature Hotels

Sustainability is not just a buzzword with us, but is eagerly implemented at every step. The Steinschaler Nature Hotels are based on the three principles of sustainability. Social, ecologic and economic components are taken into account at all steps of the planning and the execution of company processes. The continuous implementation of sustainability in our premises is a welcome everyday challenge.

The following subjects are given increased consideration in our operations:

  • Sustainable ecology
  • Economy
  • Social networking
  • Lifelong learning
  • Sustainability - documentation

Many Steinschaler sustainability reports have already been drawn up on sustainability. We also regularly organize the "Steinschaler Sustainable Fireside Chats".

Thus it is certainly no coincidence that Steinschaler Nature Hotels have received quite some awards in this area.

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We look forward to your visit!
Annemarie and Johann Weiss

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