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Our nature gardens

Ornamental or production gardens?

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Image: Sitting area

Steinschaler Gardens

Our nature gardens

We are very concerned with integrating the nature surrounding us into our daily life in both of our hotel complexes.

But by nature we do not understand well kept english lawns, nor beds cultivated with lots of effort like in diverse show gardens. We are thinking of living, vibrant nature, also sometimes allowed to present itself in a chaotic or an unkempt manner.

It does not matter whether you visit us as a holiday or seminar guest, we would like to offer you as much nature as possible, without neglecting modern comforts at the same time.

Image: Nostalgia Garden

Nostalgia Garden - the Vivarium

Our Nostalgia Garden is also called Vivarium - living space - because you can relax so well in this cozy garden of ours. You will enjoy the services of the Steinschaler Restaurants, and your children can in the meantime roam the meadow or observe the animals at the rear of the garden. In short: a nice place to be.

Our Nostalgia Garden lies behind our main building, the Vierkanthof, and is directly adjoined to our restaurant area. It offers, besides the terrace of the restaurant, a spacious lawn area where you can also take a sunbath, our solar heated outdoor pool, the playground with a kids´ house for your children, and some of our quite popular garden houses. The Plow Hut, much appreciated by our guests in the summer invites you to spend in it some time relaxing.

At the northern end of the garden we have again provided lots of space for nature. Here you will find our animals in the summer, Kunigunde, a mini pot-bellied pig, and her companion, Kasimir, as well as some sheep who are also available for "sheepwalking".

Image: Sketch

The South Garden

The South Garden is a sunny and comparatively windless recreational garden with benches and roofed sitting areas on the southern side of our South Garden House.

The South Garden offers a lot of seamlessly connected areas:

  • It is a recreational garden with the Pear Tree Rondo, the Herb Hut and the "alpine beach chairs",
  • it is also part of our kitchen garden, and partially a herb garden and a production garden,
  • it offers fruit trees for trying out for our guests,
  • is also one of our show gardens,
  • it is a wet habitat centering around the tiny pond,
  • and it offers a lot of walking paths (1 km in all) and some quite idyllic niches, too.

Image: Pond Bridge

Water garden at the Steinschaler Pond

Around the Steinschaler Pond, separated from the hotel complex by the Mariazellerbahn, we have established a 750m long walking path, that is also illuminated in the evening.

In the water garden areas for relaxation and production spaces alternate seamlessly, and here also the natural surfaces dominate.

At the narrowest point the pond is crossed by a bridge: this is house Pond Bridge. This house of ours can be booked as an appartment in the summer, and is a popular and elegant seminar room in the remaining time - inmidst of nature, on the pond.

Image: Manor

Steinschaler Doerfl

Our Steinschaler Doerfl is basically nothing less than a garden in its entirety, nestled between the woods and the ancient cultural landscape of the Pielach Valley. Here you can experience nature at the doorstep - in the truest sense of the word.

Nature might proliferate here in wide areas. Natural patches, dry stone walls and unsealed walking paths bring back scents and the feeling of free nature to visiting city dwellers in every season.

Steinschalerhof Holidays Steinschalerhof Seminars Steinschaler Doerfl Incentives
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We look forward to your visit!
Annemarie and Johann Weiss

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