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Alpine Meadow Olympics

Who wants to milk Zenzi?

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Image: Alpine Meadow Olympics

Alpine Meadow Olympics

The Classic

The Steinschaler Alpine Meadow Olympics is a funny team-contest for loosening up or for relaxation. It contains a small element of competition, but the focus is on fun and the bringing together of the team.

The Alpine Meadow Olympics lasts two hours in average. If there are a lot of participants (over 100), it can also take a bit longer.

At each station there is an evelauation in order to determine which group has won. We are glad to organize regional prices, certificates or medals for the winning groups. Feel free to ask us for recommendations.

Important: It is always more fun to have less Alpine Meadow Olympics stations than groups. This ensures interested the presence of onlookers and eager commentators.

A selection of stations for your Alpine Meadow Olympics

  • Window climbing
  • Long spitting of corneliean cherry seeds
  • Milking Zenzi
  • Haybales throwing
  • Horseshoe throwing
  • Cow dung throwing
  • Shooting at cans
  • Shooting at milk churns
  • Beermats game
  • Rubber boots competition
  • Meadow darts
  • Driving nails into woodblocks
  • Sawing for weight
  • Sawing for time
  • Clothesline
  • Fire hose
  • Wheelbarrow rally
  • Recognizing wild herbs
  • Recognizing wood / taps
  • Recognizing pear ciders
  • Recognizing schnappses
  • Cross country skiing - also in summer and if no snow
Image: Alpine Meadow Olympics

Image: Alpine Meadow Olympics

Some stations, like Horseshoe throwing, Haybale throwing, Fire hose or Sledding, or the quite popular Wheelbarrow rally, can obviously only be organized outdoors.

Image: Alpine Meadow Olympics

The package Alpine Meadow Olympics includes the following

  • Place for the stations, if the weather is fine, outdoors
  • Transporting the materials to and of the stations
  • Constructing and dismantling of the chosen stations
  • Usage of the Alpine Meadow Olympics stations
  • Evaluation of the stations
  • Determining of the winning group based on the station results
  • Prices for the winning group
  • Two staffs at two stations
  • If necessary, instructing of your staff

We are happy to help you in organizing local prices for the winners. These can be wooden signs or other regional products. Feel free to ask us for a list of suggestions.

Every station needs one person to oversee happenings. Two persons - provided by us - are available for you in the basic package. You are free to take care of the other stations yourself, but we are ready to provide instruction for your staff, too.
Would you like to have our Steinschaler staff take care of all your stations, you will be charged for them after the actual time they have been required.

The Alpine Meadow Olympics can be organized both in the Steinschalerhof and in the Steinschaler Doerfl.

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