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Sitemap of the website of Steinschalerhof and Steinschaler Doerfl in the Dirndl Valley

  • Welcome to the Steinschaler Hotels
    Welcome to Seminar Hotel Steinschalerhof and Conference Hotel Steinschaler Doerfl, the cozy Nature Hotels of the Dirndl Valley!
    • Steinschaler Nature Hotels
      Why Seminar Hotel Steinschalerhof and incentive destinaton Steinschaler Doerfl are considered Nature Hotels
  • Nature Hotel and Seminar Hotel Steinschalerhof
    An introduction to the cozy Seminar Hotel Steinschalerhof with a lot of nature at the doorsteps and with an exceptional cuisine
    • How to find us
      Travelling information for reaching Nature and Seminar Hotel Steinschalerhof in a compact form.
  • Nature Hotel Steinschaler Doerfl
    The spacious Steinschaler Doerfl is the ideal place for incentives and events but also for relaxing holidays
  • Holidays in the Steinschalerhof
    Hotel Steinschalerhof in the Upper Pielach Valley: cozy rooms, much nature at the doorsteps, and excellent cuisine: biologically pure ingredients, prepared in a gentle manner, and rounded off with wild herbs.
  • Seminar Hotel Steinschalerhof
    Successful seminars and workshops are the core competence of Seminar Hotel Steinschalerhof in the Valley of the Dirndl / Lower Austria: bright seminar rooms with up-to-date seminar technology, comfortable rooms, much nature at the doorsteps and the well known Steinschaler Cuisine
    • Programs and Elements
      Seminar Hotel Steinschalerhof offers a multitude of ideas for as addition to your seminar / workshop or your event, from traditional over active to the elagant - but always helping you to build a team
  • Seminar Hotel Steinschaler Doerfl
    Incentive location Steinschaler Doerfl: the ideal place for your out of the ordinary event, seminar, presentation or conference. Up-to-date seminar technology and many comfortable rooms
    • Incentive Modules
      In the incentive location Steinschaler Doerfl you have a lot of space for extraordinary events - our offerings reach from a simple salt and bread ceremony to digging fun with an excavator of 25 tons
    • Rent a Doerfl
      Through the unique location of the Steinschaler Doerfl the Rent-a-Village concept reaches new heights. The Doerfl is isolated and yet easy to reach.
    • Dirndl Traditional Fair
      At the Incentive Destination Steinschaler Doerfl you can experience a traditional fair like it has been before. And above all: You can devise your very own fair!
    • Alpine Meadow Olympics
      The Alpine meadow olympics in the Steinschaler Doerfl is a beloved team competition element for conferences and incentives. Have fun at your team building!
  • Steinschaler Gardens and Ponds
    The Steinschaler Nature Hotels - surrounded by much wild nature. Enjoy this untamed nature at our hotels, and rediscover many plants from our gardens on your plates!
    • Our nature gardens
      In the Nature Gardens of the Steinschaler Nature Hotels there is no strict division between garden areas for relaxation and kitchen gardens - the borders are fluid like in permaculture. Steinschalerhof is surrounded by gardens on three sides, and Steinschaler Doerfl is basically one huge garden.
    • Steinschaler Ponds
      There are up to 12 ponds on the grounds of our two Nature Hotels, Steinschalerhof and Steinschaler Doerfl. They serve the recreation and relaxation needs of our guests and nature. They are natural water habitats and und thus important areas for withdrawal for nature.
    • Permaculture in the Steinschaler Gardens
      In the Steinschaler Gardens many ideas of permaculture have been realized. What is imprtant for us is a high biodiversity. Because of this we cultivate and conserve a lot of different, partly also very ancient plant varieties (preserving nature = being an ark.)
  • Steinschaler Country Cuisine
    The dishes in Steinschalerhof and Steinschaler Doerfl are seasonal and regional, supplemented and refined by domestic wild herbs. In addition, edible wild plants are used for decorating the dishes.
    • Wild herbs in the kitchen
      The wild herbs used in the Steinschaler Country Cuisine offer an intensive taste experience. Take your time to savor it.
    • Breakfast
      The breakfats buffet of Steinschalerhof and Steinschaler Doerfl offers fresh, healthy and above all, regional delicacies
    • Steinschaler Buffet
      The Steinschaler Cuisine offers our guests a buffet at each meal. As a Nature Hotel we stress regional dishes with fresh produce from the Steinschaler Gardens, supplemented according to season with numerous interesting and tasty Steinschaler wild herbs.
    • Principles
      We at Steinschaler Nature Hotels have imposed upon ourselves, in addition to the base rules of regional, seasonal and sustainable cooking, some further cooking guidelines. We are glad to pass on our knowledge, for example at our popular wild herbs cooking courses.
    • Our very own products for you
      The healthy ingredients from our wild herbs and wild fruit gardens made into Steinschaler homemade products!
  • Steinschaler Shop
    You can buy regional products, but also fresh products like sheep cheese, deer sausage, bacon or blood sausage at the reception of Steinschalerhof and Steinschaler Doerfl.
  • Steinschaler Nature Hotels and the region
    Steinschalerhof and Steinschaler Doerfl lie in the upper Pielach Valley. Because of the numerous Cornelian Cherry shrubs thriving here it is also called the Valley of the Dirndl - the local name for the Cornelian Cherry.
  • The Mariazellerbahn
    The Mariazellerbahn has a special relevance for the Steinschaler Nature Hotels: one of the most populat of our packages is the "Narrow Gauge Classic", a weekend with the Mariazellerbahn.
  • About and Information
    Facts of the Seminar Hotels Steinschalerhof and Steinschaler Doerfl. Sometimes also mistakenly searched for as Steinschallerhof or Steinschaller Doerfl.
    • Contact us
      The contact form of Seminar Hotel Steinschalerhof and Seminar Hotel Steinschaler Doerfl
    • Your inquiry
      Your inquiry to the Seminar Hotel Steinschalerhof and Seminar Hotel Steinschaler Doerfl - you can also call us or send us an email
    • Sitemap
      Sitemap with short descriptions of the offerings of Steinschalerhof and Steinschaler Doerfl (this page)
Steinschalerhof Holidays Steinschalerhof Seminars Steinschaler Doerfl Incentives
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Nature Hotel Steinschalerhof Steinschaler Gardens Steinschaler Cuisine Nature Hotel Steinschaler Doerfl